Wintec Group Inc. is a certified Maximizer Software reseller, specializing in the implementation, training, and support of the Maximizer CRM suite of products. We are proud to be an award-winning partner of Maximizer Software. Most recently, we were recognized for Outstanding Business Achievement.

For the past two decades, we have worked with Maximizer CRM, giving us an unparalleled perspective on the evolution of the CRM market.

We are proud to be an award-winning partner of Maximizer Software. We have been presented with the US Solution Provider of the year award for seven consecutive years. Honors have included:

Maximizer CRM 2016

Maximizer CRM 2016 (Version 14) will be the last full version with both a windows and a web interface. Future development will focus on browser based access to Maximizer – whether the data resides on a company server or in our hosted data center. The focus for this release has been entirely on the web and mobile tools. This offers users access to their CRM from anywhere and from many types of devices.

Web Access

This version offers a stronger web solution – better speed and more choice in browsers. Here are just a few key elements that users will appreciate.

The key reasons to consider Maximizer remain the same:

Remember, the Maximizer database can reside on your server or on a hosted server in the cloud. Maximizer has an available hosted environment as part of the Maximizer Live solution but users ultimately choose where their data goes.


For users who perform large campaigns (10,000 or more subscribers) the performance of adding addresses to a campaign has been greatly improved.

A new Mail Chimp integration is available for those who use this popular email marketing platform. The tool will synchronize address data between Maximizer and Mail Chimp, as well as feed Mail Chimp statistics back into Maximizer.

These features, together with the CASL (anti-spam) functionality, extend Maximizer leadership in marketing capability.


On top of the audit logs, the new version imposes password complexity rules.

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