Support Options

Telephone Technical Support

As experienced business application technicians, the team at Wintec provides personalized support and problem resolution for administrators, end users, and technical staff. We are available to troubleshoot technical issues, assist users with advanced features and functions of the solutions we specialize in, and help our clients determine the most effective procedures to meet their individual business requirements.

Hours of availability:
Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM EST (212) 579-1282

On-Site Support

Many support issues can be resolved using telephone or web technical support. However, for some issues (such as server migration, operating system upgrades, or expanded software deployment), the fastest and most convenient solution is to have a Wintec consultant work directly in your environment. On-Site technical support and administration is available by appointment, and is billable in hourly or daily increments.

Remote Support

Using a web-based remote control service, we are able to look at your computer as we troubleshoot, analyze and resolve the issue right from our office. Please contact a Wintec support technician by phone to discuss your support issue then click here to initiate your support session when instructed by the support technician.

Email Support

You can contact our support staff via email with basic user questions or to schedule a support call. Click here to contact a support technician via email.


Please contact us for information regarding rates for telephone and on-site support. We generally sell clients small pre-paid blocks of support time, although larger clients can arrange for monthly billing.