4 Creative Ways to Win Over New Property Owners

When it comes to choosing a property manager, owners have plenty of options available to them. To win them over, you’ll have to do more than just place an ad or deliver a sales pitch. You have to find a way to stand out from all the rest and make the decision to hire you the obvious choice. Not sure how to accomplish this? Start with these four simple but creative ways to win over new property owners and start generating more business for your company.

Always be willing to go the extra mile.

If you’re like most property management companies, you probably don’t have the capacity to lower your prices and make your fee structure more competitive. What you can do, however, is offer your clients more bang for their bucks. Make delivering exceptional service a part of every single interaction and always go the extra mile, whether it’s by offering convenient service options (like an online self-service portal) or sending a handwritten thank you card after a meeting.

Get involved in the community.

As a property manager, the majority of your clientele will be local, which means you have a great opportunity to really make an impression by getting involved in your community. Whether it’s hosting a local charity event, sponsoring a youth sports team, joining a networking group or something else, the more you invest in making a positive impact on the community around you, the more well-known your name will become. That increase in recognition and trust can go a long way toward landing more clients.

Stay ahead of the technology curve.

Today’s property owners are looking for more than just someone to manage their assets. They want a partner that can make their lives and their business dealings easier, and technology can give you this distinct advantage over your competition. Invest in property management software, preferably one that is feature-rich and covers all aspects of your business, such as reporting, online payments and maintenance requests. This will allow you to consistently deliver better service and achieve that “wow” factor.

Use social media and email to deliver added value.

In reality, not every potential client you connect with will be ready to move forward with the relationship right away. It’s important that you continue to nurture those connections so that when the time is right, it’s you that they’ll think of first. Social media and email newsletters are both powerful and effective tools for achieving this goal. Provide regular, relevant content that your audience can truly benefit from and over time they’ll develop into a network of quality leads that’s ripe with opportunity.

Running a successful property management business takes time, effort and lots of creativity. The above ideas should at least get your wheels turning and help jump start your marketing efforts to begin to reach – and more importantly – win over more property owners for your business.

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