4 Simple Ways to Grow Your Property Manager Email List

Social media is great, but given the fact that only 2% of Facebook fans actually see a brand’s posts in their news feed, yet 90% of email gets delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox, the more effective method is abundantly clear. Like it or not, email continues to dominate as a powerful tool for reaching, nurturing and converting more leads. But that’s only the case if you’ve actually got recipients. If you could use a little help growing your property manager email list, here are four tactics you can start trying today.

Lay a good foundation.

People aren’t going to bother staying subscribed to (or even opening) your emails if you’re not consistently delivering quality content into their inboxes. If your emails are poorly designed, way too promotional, impersonal and lacking any clear calls to action, it’s no surprise you’re not getting the results you’re after. Focus on crafting compelling messages that are responsive in design, personable and feature clear CTAs.

Position yourself as a trusted resource.

What do most popular accounts on Twitter have in common? The person(s) running them have demonstrated that they have something worthwhile to offer. They have positioned themselves as a resource, in whatever field, sector or subject matter they happen to specialize. You can do this with your email marketing as well by sharing your expertise, offering advice and tips, and delivering content that your audience will truly find useful. Building and nurturing these relationships is what it’s all about.

Make it worth their while.

Think about your own personal interactions with brands. Why would you make the decision to sign up for emails? Most likely it’s because there’s something in it for you as well. It’s perfectly acceptable to incentivize your email marketing. That is, offering exclusive content, a discount on services, entry into a contest – whatever it takes to make people say, ‘yes, I’ll share my information with you.’ Then once you’ve reeled them in, you can wow them with the amazing content you deliver.

Give them options.

If possible, let your email recipients choose how they interact with your content. For instance, give them the option to choose how frequently they’d like to receive emails from you. Some might be perfectly fine with a once-a-week message, but others might find it intrusive and annoying enough to opt-out, which defeats the purpose altogether. Providing more control over the process will help you keep everyone happy and reduce the chances of losing valuable leads along the way.

92 percent of online adults use email, with 61 percent using it daily. If you’re not leveraging this powerful tool, or haven’t yet made the effort to fully optimize your messages, you’re missing out on potential business. The tips listed above should get you on the path toward more effective and successful email marketing campaigns that get results.

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