5 Things You Can Do to Start Getting More Website Conversions

Having a beautifully designed business website really won’t do you much good unless that website is actually converting incoming traffic from prospects into paying customers – especially in the highly competitive field of property management. The good news is there are certain things you can do that will not only improve the chances of your site being found online, but also that those visitors will want to take action and hire your company to manage their properties. Let’s take a look at five of those things below.

Make a Connection – It’s hard to establish a relationship with someone whom you’ve never actually had a personal interaction with, but it’s a goal you can and should have with your website. How can you accomplish this? Start by using language that is engaging and also include design that your audience can relate to. Address pain points and give them content that solves a problem and benefits them.

Tell Them What to Do – Don’t just assume that your visitors are going to pick up the phone and call or email you to set up that initial appointment. The truth is even those who truly need your services may not necessarily feel compelled to pull the trigger. In most cases, these individuals need a gentle push to get them to take that next step. That’s why every single page on your site should have a clear, compelling call to action.

Be Strategic – Not only should your site be chock-full of calls to action, but those CTAs should be strategic in that they align with where your leads are in the buying process. For instance, someone visiting your contact page is more likely to click-to-call than someone who is just checking out your home page. There you might be better served to include a CTA for a newsletter signup or something a little less direct sales-related.

Showcase Your Value – Undoubtedly, you are not the only property management professional in the area, which means that your visitors are very likely on your site comparing your business to your competitors. Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase why your company is the best choice. Figure out what matters most to your target audience, and then incorporate into your design and content how your services can better meet those needs.

Make it Easy – Last, but certainly not least, if your visitors have to jump through hoops to take the action you’re hoping for, they probably won’t. To that end, it should be as easy and straightforward as possible for them to do anything, whether it’s contacting you to finding information about the services you offer or connecting with you on social media. Your design should be clean and easy to navigate for the best possible visitor experience.

Once you’ve incorporated all of these things into your website design, the last step is following up. Again, not everyone who connects with or even contacts you will be ready to pull the trigger and sign on with you right off the bat. It can take several “touches” to officially close the deal. Set up lead nurturing emails and apply other tactics to help build and foster the relationship so that when the time comes and they’re finally ready to buy, your business will be at the top of their mind.

Staying ahead of the game in a competitive field like property management takes strategy and ongoing effort. If you’re not getting enough conversions, it might be time to reassess your website and see if applying any of the above techniques might make a difference. The more you invest in this process, the more it will pay off in end.


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