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At Wintec Group, we know that ineffective sales processes result in lost opportunities.  Organizations can struggle to implement appropriate systems and gain user adoption due to lack of responsive expert support.

For over 25 years, we have gained recognition for helping our clients establish an easy, reproducible selling process to convert leads and close sales. Our commitment is to make sure that each implementation exceeds your expectations.

We’re proud to be an elite Maximizer CRM certified partner, achieving Partner of the Year consistently during our company’s history. We support customers in the USA, Canada, and beyond.

Founders of Wintec Group

Why Wintec Group?

A successful customer relationship management solution is crucial to the vitality of your business growth. With this in mind, we provide hands on support, deployment, onboarding, and CRM training to make sure your money is well utilized to grow your business.

Much of our success comes from developing strong partnerships with our clients mainly in the finance, manufacturing, distribution and commercial sales industries. Reliability and professionalism drive our work ethic, and we deliver customized solutions to achieve your business goals.

Because of our experience in these industries, we have great insights and best practices on how the CRM should be leveraged. No more working with vendors whose goal is to simply “sell” and then leave you to figure out the rest. Working with Wintec means a life-long partnership of support.

"We have come to rely on Wintec to get the most out of Maximizer."

Our company invested heavily in ERP but the interface was too complex. Wintec took time to learn about our existing process and proposed keeping what we had while integrating the easy-to-use Maximizer front end. We have come to rely on Wintec to get the most out of Maximizer for sales, marketing and operations.

Steve Festa, Director of Infrastructure, Guaranteed Returns


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A Four-Step Plan for CRM Software Success

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We are thankful for our clients entrusting us with our services and look forward to being an asset at your company. Use the button below to set up a time to speak with an expert CRM consultant to see how we can best serve you.