CRM Features


Utilizing Maximizer as your CRM software, you can manage deals with opportunity management software that matches your processes, quickly and painlessly. Get everything to forecast revenues, track wins and visualize progress towards quota — so you can plan ahead and ensure no deals slip through the cracks.

Give Your Sales Pipeline Full Visibility

Get a complete overview of your sales stages and your team’s progress towards their goals.

Marketing Automation Tools

Leverage Maximizer's CRM features to drive effective lead generation and improve your campaign tracking with powerful marketing automation. Maximizer enables you to manage all your prospect interactions on a single platform.

Create automated campaigns, track your results, and know your return on investment with our ROI calculator.

Improve Your Marketing Intelligence

Generate fresh marketing insights to optimize your lead generation.


Maximizer CRM will empower your Customer Service and Support Teams with everything they need to effectively track, manage and resolve issues quickly and easily — including technical support, billing and returns.

Stand out from the pack with customer service that leaves your customers smiling, and your competitors envious.

Increase Customer Retention

Boost customer loyalty with efficient & timely resolution of every case.

Business Intelligence tools

Insights help businesses visualize data, make decisions and take action faster than any other CRM. It gives you both the big picture as well as the little details right at your fingertips so you’ll always know what to focus on. Use the unique "Click-Through" feature to jump directly to the detailed record. You no longer need to export data, import it into spreadsheets and manually build charts to provide excellent reporting to your team and executives.

Accelerate Your Business Intelligence System

Automate your data and reports to oversee your business growth

CRM Integrations

Application Integration

Tools that integrate with Maximizer to help boost your sales, marketing and business development growth.

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"We have been thrilled with the progress we have made through the Maximizer/Wintec partnership."

Alta Capital has been using Maximizer for many years and recently implemented a workflow system utilizing the Customer Service functionality. Prior to implementation, we were only using the Address Book feature, which did not give us a full picture of client requests and communications. We were not taking advantage of everything Maximizer has to offer. Implementing the workflow has allowed us to enhance client data by linking requests directly to the client, giving us greater insight into communication and client habits.

Deborah Holmes, Senior Operations Associate, Alta Capital