If you are experiencing a technical support issue with Maximizer CRM, please use one of the paid options below to contact us.

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Our Maximizer CRM support team will troubleshoot and resolve any of your issues so you can get back to what you do best.


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Our CRM consultants ensure smooth apps integration and help you explore ways to more efficiently leverage external systems.


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We pride ourselves on providing personalized customer CRM support and to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. When questions arise, we want to ensure that users don’t struggle to find the answers.

At Wintec, you can expect to speak to someone you are familiar with and who knows your configuration before we start the call. It is this personal approach that distinguishes our value and ensures your company's CRM success.

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Customers adopt software systems at different rates. Sometimes it takes time for a team to coalesce around consistent use of an application, and to find the best use for their business.

We will certainly answer your questions, but we will go further. We make sure to lead a conversation about what you require, and continue this discussion over the years so that your needs drive how we support you. You can expect prompt responses to phone or email inquiries, and that we will log technical issues for follow up through resolution.

How can personalized CRM support help your business?

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For any CRM software installation and onboarding, we advise personalized support to save you time and money getting problems resolved quickly and painlessly. Users are more encouraged to engage in support if they don’t have to drive the entire process without a clear path to resolution.

By engaging directly, we can solve problems at hand and also dig deeper to uncover issues that may not have been obvious at first. As we all know, responsive CRM support results in great user adoption and allows the technology to deliver your expected return on investment. With Wintec, we strive to deliver the best customized support to cater all business needs.

"We have come to rely on Wintec for their expertise."

Although we have been using Maximizer for a long time, we initially opted to manage support of the CRM internally. Several years ago, we had an abrupt change in staff. This was a significant disruption that impacted our company’s institutional knowledge. It was a relief to have Wintec step in and get us back on track. We have since come to rely on Wintec for their expertise in both the technical configuration and end user support.

Erik Miller, Executive VP, Kyzen 

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