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by Jon Arancio, Vice President

CRM system features

Maximizer CRM is a customer relationship management software solution that serves the needs of businesses—small and large. Businesses can access the CRM on-premise or in the cloud. Maximizer also provides integration with Microsoft products such as Outlook, Word, and Excel.

The CRM software provides users with a host of features, such as:

Sales team management

Contact tracking

Pipeline forecasting

Marketing automation (i.e., email marketing)

Customer service and support tools

Business productivity tools

We’ll explore more of these in the sections that follow.

Businesses can use Maximizer CRM to get a holistic view of customer interactions—all in one place. This increases operational efficiency over the antiquated system of having information spread out across multiple locations.

This software helps make business owners make decisions faster, with higher accuracy.

Integration with popular Microsoft products also makes it easier for small businesses to take advantage of the CRM system immediately, with no need for additional training or investment costs.

Overall, Maximizer CRM is an ideal solution for any company looking for a comprehensive customer relationship management system tailored to their needs.


Maximizer CRM offers two editions, each designed for specific needs.

Maximizer CRM offers two editions, each designed for specific needs. (Click to Enlarge)

Base Edition

The Base Edition of Maximizer CRM is an affordable, powerful contact management system designed to help you increase prospect engagement and close more deals.

It offers pipeline management tools that allow you to standardize the sales process, which allows you to manage the entire sales process.

The Base Edition is billed annually and comes with a minimum of 3 users, up to 10,000 contacts (expandable with additional contact packs), and up to 100Gb Database size (also expandable with additional database packs).

For even deeper insights into your business performance, there’s an optional custom data visualization builder that enables you to create sophisticated reports and dashboards.

Sales Leader Edition

Maximizer CRM Sales Edition offers an impressive list of features that are easy to use, including a Kanban Board to track deals in the pipeline, out-of-the-box data visualizations to gain greater insight into productivity. This helps sales managers set reliable targets and realistic quotas.

The Sales Edition requires a minimum of 5 users. It also allows up to 10,000 contacts and a database size of 100GB, making it easy to scale your system with additional contact and database packs if necessary.

The Sales Edition is also billed annually.

10 Benefits of a CRM for Small Businesses

A CRM is an essential tool and can be a game changer for small businesses.

Key Maximizer Benefits

Maximizer CRM delivers a multitude of benefits to help maximize efficiency and improve business processes.


Reduce the overwhelm of information overload and increase productivity by focusing on what matters most to drive revenue.

Sales Team Improvement

Monitor sales reps in real-time, providing efficient coaching for peak performance levels.

Fast, Reliable Deployment

Maximizer’s quick setup time lets you hit the ground running.

Dashboards and Reports

Automated key activities for marketing campaigns make it easy to nurture leads throughout their journey with your business. Case management and monitoring tools allow for fast resolutions of customer inquiries as well as delivering first-class support. Finally, web and mobile access ensure connection no matter where you are working.


Maximizer is perfect for businesses who want a highly customized CRM solution. With Maximizer, you can customize many aspects of the user interface to tailor it to the needs of your team and business.

Flexible Deployment

Maximizer CRM is a versatile supplier that offers both cloud-based and on-site deployment options. Not all CRMs provide this level of flexibility.

Key Maximizer CRM Features

Maximizer creates a synergy between the CRM and the rest of the tools used to conduct business every day.

Marketing Automation Integration

Integrating your marketing automation with your Maximizer CRM can be incredibly powerful. Having this integration makes it easier to engage and communicate with customers.

For instance, you can organize and streamline prospecting and customer retention activities by consolidating all vital activities and information into one platform. This centralization provides for an easier point of access for all members of the team, making it easier to use data-driven decisions regarding sales and marketing strategies.

Not only that, but by integrating marketing automation—such as MailChimp—you will also be able to gain more advanced insights into the customer journey that can help prioritize any sales or marketing efforts.

Maximizer CRM users have the ability to create custom fields. These user-defined fields (UDFs) can be configured to describe Companies, Contacts, Opportunities or Customer Service cases and add real value to your CRM system. UDFs allow you to customize the way you collect data, making it easier for you to get insights and build your processes into the system. With a few simple clicks, any user can create their own custom fields which perfectly suit their requirements.

Finally, having a centralized, integrated system also allows both sales and marketing teams to have access to touches with leads. This keeps messaging consistent. If there are any changes to communication, both teams can view these changes and adjust as necessary.

Front and Back Office Applications

Maximizer CRM is an adaptive software solution that allows businesses to customize the platform to fit their needs without having to use code.

The program can be linked with order or accounting solutions that synchronize data with quote, order and inventory management, in real-time or at scheduled times. This ensures your entire organization’s information is accurate and up to date. This means your staff can see the information they need when they need it.


With Zapier, you can connect with over 3,000 apps to automate your workflow and streamline processes. This allows you to focus on what really matters in your business while freeing up time and energy. By setting up simple triggers and actions, any addition of data to one app can automatically feed into another app — such as copying contacts from one address book entry to another.

Another way to use Zapier with Maximizer CRM is by turning emails into notes or hot-list tasks for contacts that complete a survey. Through this process, users can quickly and easily create custom processes with automated actions that take place based on certain triggers.  Creative customers have used zaps to trigger updates to shipping dates or complete URL links to related data in other systems.

Microsoft Office

Maximizer CRM makes it easy to integrate Microsoft Office products into the CRM system. Outlook, Word, and Excel all sync perfectly, giving your business control and convenient access to customer data.

With Maximizer, you can view your Outlook messages inside the CRM and with one click save them to customer records. You can save emails in the Maximizer toolbar inside Outlook with a single click.

If you want to personalize documents, such as quotes or proposals, Maximizer has you covered. With the integrated Word feature, you can add any field from a contact’s information into a document without having to type everything out each time.

Plus, documents like forms, reports, and product datasheets can be stored centrally in a repository so that everyone in your team is using the most up-to-date information, which minimizes errors.

And if you need to export data for reporting, look no further than Excel. Maximizer comes ready equipped with highly configurable Excel outputs.

Maximizer CRM integrations
Maximizer creates a synergy between the CRM and the rest of the tools used to conduct business every day.

Most Popular Questions About Maximizer CRM

How much does Maximizer CRM cost?

Pricing starts at $65 per month for the basic plan and requires a minimum of three users. This plan includes customer and contact management, data integration with Outlook and cloud storage.

If you need more features such as sales automation, advanced reporting capabilities and analytics, then you might upgrade to the Sales Leader Edition for $79 per user per month (billed annually).

A free trial version is available. So you can explore all the features offered without having to make a commitment.


Does Maximizer offer implementation and setup support?

The answer is yes.

Wintec Group offers exceptional customer service and makes the setup process easy.

Wintec Group’s services include customizing databases, configuring company contact data, integrating sales processes, executing templates for invoices, orders, credit memos and much more. In addition, Wintec Group provides training support and online help to make sure you get the most out of your Maximizer CRM solution.

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Maximizer CRM training
Wintec Group can help you grow your business with Maximizer CRM installation and support.

How do you make a backup of the Maximizer CRM database?

Backing up your database is not only important to keep your data safe but also to protect against potential unfortunate events, such as hardware failure. To ensure the safety of your data, there are two types of backup procedures available..  On-premise (self hosted) clients can configure their own backup retention policy using MS SQL server.  Cloud-hosted clients have backups that are automatically performed throughout the day.

On-premise clients can run a manual backup at any time.  The cloud-hosted clients can request this.


Can you integrate Microsoft 365?

Yes. You can easily connect your Maximizer CRM cloud account to your Microsoft 365 environment. The integration allows for the following:

  • Create individual, company, and contact entries in Maximizer from Outlook email messages.
  • Save Outlook email messages to Maximizer entries.
  • Create Hotlist tasks in Maximizer from Outlook email messages.
  • Create opportunities in Maximizer from Outlook email messages.
  • Search for and add Maximizer entries as recipients of outgoing emails in Outlook.


Can you set a status for leads and opportunities?

Yes. Maximizer CRM’s lead status and custom processes allow you to better manage the sales pipeline and lead qualification process.

There are four statuses that can be assigned to leads—Unqualified, Active, Converted, and Archived. Each one of these statuses tells you something about the lead’s qualification.

For example, Unqualified status means there isn’t any information on a lead yet. If the process has already started, then the lead’s status will be changed to Active.

Once a lead has been converted or archived, its status will be changed accordingly.

During the lead or opportunity qualification process, customers can set their own custom stages so that the CRM can more closely align with existing processes.


Is it easy to import customer databases?

Importing customer databases into Maximizer is simple.

We recommend creating a backup of your data before beginning the process. Wintec can provide valuable assistance in preparing your lists for import.


Can I access Maximizer CRM on mobile?

Yes, absolutely. The app offers mobile access to your customer data and allows you to manage your schedule, update your pipeline, and connect with customers while on the go.

The Maximizer mobile app also provides advanced features such as full search functionality, enabling you to locate customer data such as contact details or sales leads when you need it most. You can easily organize emails into campaigns and track sales activity from any location.

Wintec Group can help you grow your business with Maximizer CRM installation and support.

Managing multiple aspects of a business can be difficult. Without access to a powerful CRM software platform, working efficiently—and at optimum capacity—is almost impossible.

With Wintec Group's CRM installation and support services, you can gain quick and easy access to the complete range of features.

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Jon Arancio, Vice President

Jon is the co-founder and Vice-President of Wintec Group Inc., a CRM software reseller and application support specialty firm. He helps clients implement Maximizer CRM, and provides outsourced application knowledge to firms who need the additional skills sets but are not looking to add support staff for this technology.


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